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The Pandemic turned us more Digital!

APRIL 2020

The pandemic changed us all, it made the impossible—possible.

COVID-19 will truly be a remarkable word that all of us in this generation will always remember, and the future generations will learn from. Often we say, we cannot miss a day at work because we have a lot on our plate; often we say we need to meet our friends to catch up and sustain the relationship; and often we say the world cannot stop; but all the sudden, it did.

It is true that things aren't the same as they were, but the beauty in creativity is that it is adaptable and that it lives on stories, and for as long as there is life and experiences—creativity will never die. This pandemic might be a huge challenge for all of us, but at the same time it opened new perspectives on resilience, versatility, and empathy. It paved way for us to discover things we never thought we could do, and ironically it made all of us even closer, even if physically distant.

A couple of months ago, we received a project from the American School of Doha about their graduation, and the first thing that came in to our mind is that we don't want to take away from these children the chance to have a memorable commencement of their hard work and high school experience. The thought alone challenged us to create something that will compensate the traditional way, because at the end of the day, it is all about sharing something special—together.

And so, we were able to create magic through a virtual graduation, in which we took reference from their previous ceremonies, and visualized it to become animated in 3D. We were able to create not just the visuals but also a culmination of the stories that school and the students have, and we believe that true magic is making those children feel that special moment as if they were there.

Every challenge and change that come to our way will always be scary, because of its nature of being unknown, but let it not blind you to the opportunities that lies within, and that for as long us you have a vision, no matter which way you take—you will arrive in your destination.

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