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Ramadan Kareem from Vodafone!

APRIL 2020

How are we going to celebrate Ramadan this year?

For the first time in years, Ramadan this year will be different due to the global predicament we all face. However, the true virtue there is cannot be defined by any difficulties, rather it only made it only makes faith stronger.

At the same time, despite of all these unwanted news, we shall never lose hope and our positive perspective. We were able to team up with Vodafone Qatar & M. Saadon for a project in sending a message in the beginning of Ramadan.

In this project, the team were able to integrate Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Live Motion Picture to add a visual advantage for the campaign. It was a straightforward messaging that aims to spark joy amidst the current situation, and that we are all in this together.

It is true that the world is changing, but it will never take away the things that made us who we are, rather it makes us want to embrace it even more. Above everything, we want to greet everyone Ramadan Kareem!

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