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It feels great to be Eight!

MARCH 2020

We've rebranded this 2020, and we're so excited!

Looking back, it gives us great pleasure to realize where we are today and how much we've grown since day one. 7 years ago, we were just a beginning film production agency with a few people in our team that multi-tasks several assignments, but now we were able to grow further our team—rather our family.

From working with different clients locally and globally, to the recognitions we received from different institutions, and from transferring to a bigger office—we like to think that our true success will be measured through the relationships we made with the people we were able to work with, and how much we impacted each other lives to grow.

We had a dream, and we shared it. It overwhelmed us at first, but we realized that, when you have a dream so big, it can really feel like you are against the world. But if you take it one step at a time, and surround yourself with the right people that will support you and have the same vision as you have—you will wake up one day, you are not only on your destination, but rather, you are already exploring a new path further.

It will not always be stories of success, but don't be demotivated if you make mistakes because those things actually meant that you took a risk and you were able to learn something from it, a lesson that winning cannot give you. So we stand here today, proud at 8, that we made right choices (and wrong ones) and it defines our story to become more unique and worth-while.

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