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Unveiling New Horizons - QPost Promotional Video for QITCOM 2014

Project Info:

The QPost Office that began here with just 6 staff in 1950 has today become a corporation run by the State of Qatar. It has undergone its own rapid development, now boasting a modern, purpose-built new sorting center and headquarters, equipped with the latest technologically that will enable it to compete internationally and to provide a platform for the future of the business that will benefit the citizen’s of Qatar.
The film you are about to see shows that process in action. It shows the investment that was made into producing a highly efficient, modern, technologically advanced service that enables last mile delivery – meaning that customers can receive their packages at home, or at a convenient parcel locker. And it shows how Qpost will play a key role in enabling a secure and trusted e-government service.

But above all this film shows that an efficient, reliable postal service is about connecting people, helping them to improve and enhance their lives in business and in leisure.


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