Your Onion Podcast - Ep40 - Interview With Farzana Mohammad

Farzana Mohammad’s academic studies began with 2 years in the field of medicine. She soon found however, that dealing with constant complaints wasn't her forte - eventually coming to the conclusion that the only thing she could work on was dead bodies, as they don't talk back - and she decided to switch to a bachelor’s degree in commerce. After university, Farzana left her home country of Pakistan to follow her new husband to East Africa, where they lived for 8 years. It was whilst she was a stay at home mum that Farzana began developing a passion in interior design. The family moved to Canada, where she found her feet in this area, and which made her the woman she is today. After another 8 years the family moved to Qatar, where she was offered the prestigious role of Marketing Manager for Hollywood Fashion & Gifts.

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