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Our History

Doha Heat kicked off Ginger Camel's venture into the podcast realm in June 2014.

This was the brainchild of John Savage, who wanted to showcase the good people that made up Qatar's diverse community.

Doha Heat has had various hosts over the years including:

  • John Savage
  • Andrew Clark
  • Sam Safieh
  • Anna Davydenko
  • Stefan Lindberg-Jones
  • Elizabeth Wood

Once launched it soon became apparent that there was potential to start other podcasts and thus the Network was created.

We launched Qatar Events Podcast in partnership with August 2014.

The Edge Weekly Business News Podcast launched in September 2014 in partnership with Firefly Communications.

Hot and Healthy with Nicole van Hattem launched in October 2014.

Empowered World with Jeanine Bailey & Marie Quigley launched in November 2014.

In 2016 the podcasts, apart from Doha Heat went there separate ways.

2016 our CEO, Stefan Lindberg-Jones launched Your Onion Podcast which is an informal chat with business people doing business here in Qatar.

November 2017, John Shanlian joined Your Onion as co-host.

Our Partners

Our current line-up of podcasts promotes positivity for the communities in Qatar and the rest of the world.

Doha Heat

Focuses on the real people who live & work in Qatar.

Your Onion

Looks at Qatari companies to find out what are the highs and lows of running a business here in Qatar.

Services Offered

Internal Communication

Small to large companies very often struggle to communicate with their employees in an efficient manner. Having your company podcast can break down barriers and be an effective way to communicate quickly and efficiently. Ginger Camel Network can help you set-up and run your podcast that will be only accessible to employees via your company podcast app.

Podcast Platform

If you have a burning ambition to have your podcast show, Ginger Camel Network has the expertise to set-up your platform, record intro's and outros, musical jingles and edit your content for a set monthly fee.


An alternative to a banner, video or radio advertisement is sponsoring a podcast. Podcasts can effectively monitor their audience better than radio advertising can, and listeners are much more likely to buy from hearing a sponsorship message on a podcast, than hearing an advertisement on the radio. Contact Ginger Camel Network for our sponsorship rate card.